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Rotary Golf Cup 2022

of the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove


All profits from this Golf Cup will support the Rotary Club of Spruce Grove and other Rotary Clubs named by players.


We are people of action, improving our communities with integrity and passion.

Golf Cup Trophy

The Rotary Golf Cup is a fun seasonal Match Play, played in 2 stages. First, there’s a group stage, followed by a Playoff.


The Golf Cup is open to everyone. The starter fee is C$150 of which C$100 are passed on as a donation.

Join the fun and help a great cause

The Golf Cup 2022 has started. If you still want to join, please, register and we will try to squeeze you in.


Chose your preferred category

To offer our Golf Cup to a wider audience, we have decided to offer 3 categories in which you can compete. We hope that this makes it easier for busy golfers or true beginners to participate easily. Of course, our traditional in-person match play is still part of the game.

Category 1 – Real

LIVE is the original idea. You’ll meet with your opponent on a course you select at a time and date you agree upon. You complete the group stage and if you are the winner or runner-up, you will qualify for the play-offs.

More details here: [Link Category 1 explained].

Category 2 – Virtual

VIRTUAL is a new idea we’ve had for the busy golfers. All you need is to send in a scorecard from an 18 hole round you have a witness for, e.g. your weekly league round. We will then match you against another player in your group on a randomly created virtual course. Your score will be calculated in Stableford points and the holes will be compared by handicap as a fair way of deciding who one or lost the hole. More details here: [Link Category 2 explained].

Category 3 – Simulated

SIMULATED is a way to participate by playing on a simulator. Here you can decide if you want to play alone and we compare the results after we have received both scores (your and your opponent’s) or if you would like to play against your opponent at the same time.

This is a great way for beginners or all golfers who have very little time to participate.

More details here: [Link Category 3 explained].


Let us know which other Rotary Club you would like to benefit

The Rotarians are a big family, and every Rotary Club has great projects and causes to support. So, in order to widen our playing field, we want all of our family members to benefit from our tournament. That’s why we have decided, you can name a Rotary Club you would like to support; we will then share your donation 50/50 with this club – creating a win-win for all of us.

Photo Cougar Creek Golf resort


Have fun playing golf while helping a great cause

The idea for our Golf Cup came during the 2020 season while playing our favorite sport. The pandemic put a lid on traditional golf tournaments to raise funds, so we thought, why not making it a seasonal event? And born was our Golf Cup.

The Golf Cup helps us as well as any other Rotary Club you would like to support with a little bit of funds. The setup we’ve chosen ensures a fair and friendly competition with a focus on fun while helping to achieve our Rotarian goals.


Play close to where you live

We are grouping participants by location, handicap range and gender to ensure a fair and fun game. The groups will be consisting of 6 players. All players have to play against one another once which means every player plays at least 5 times. There are no set golf courses to play, you and your partner may chose a course near

you. Since it is a match game, each pair can chose a golf course which is close to them. We only need to know who won or if the game was tied. Of course, we help with the setup and the handicap calculations. We also hope to find interesting courses offering a special Green Fee for our players.


Chose when to play

Since we’re playing a seasonal tournament, there are no fixed games days, only time slots to complete your games in. Enjoy the freedom and responsibility to call your opponent to set up a time and date as well as a location. Please, see below the tournament schedule with time slots:


Registration Month

05/06 – End of Registration

To Registration is open until the end of May. Please, use this time to recruit your family, friends or fellow Rotarians to join our Golf Cup. The more we are, the more your own Rotary Club benefits and the more fun we all have.


Group Stage

08/06 – Start of the Group Stage

17/06 – Completion of Group Game #1

27/06 – Completion of Group Game #2

07/07 – Completion of Group Game #3

To Your group will consist of 4-6 players which means in June and July you have to play a maximum of 5 times to complete your group games.


Group Stage

17/07 – Completion of Group Game #4

27/07 – Completion of Group Game #5

02/08 – Reserved for Make-Up Games (missed of canceled games)

The winner as well as the runner-up of each group will qualify for the Play-Offs in their categories.



11/08 – Start of the Play-Offs and

Time Line Announcement

30/08 – Play Offs Games

Since we don’t know, yet, how many players we will have playing this year, we cannot predict the size of the Play-Offs. However, we will announce the schedule as soon as possible and also will make sure to leave enough time for each game to be arranged and played.



31/09 – Completion of Play-Offs

Announcement of Prize Ceremonies

We hope to be able to welcome all winners to one of our Club Meetings to honour them with their awards and celebrate their achievements.

Again, since we don’t know the number of players, this is a preliminary schedule and might be adjusted as the season continues.

Interested in becoming a Sponsor or

listing your Golf Course for Green Fee deals for our players?

Wine Bottles

Prize Donations

Become a sponsor by donating prizes for our players. All donations will enter a prize raffle pool for all players to be won with equal chance at the end of the Golf Cup. In addition to this, we also will have memorabilia for the winners.

List a Golf Course for Green Fee Deal

Please, note that our players are participating for a great cause by helping our Rotary Club with our many projects. It would be awesome if you could help them with a special discount on your Green Fee and win new fans this way.

Golf Course Bird View

Any questions?

Check out our FAQ Section or feel free to send us your questions using the form below. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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We use cookies to provide you with the best user experience possible but respect your privacy. Your data will not be shared with any 3rd party except for services needed to run this website.

Click here to learn more